10th August 2011

Challenging Perceived Wisdom ... are our workplace preconceptions valid?

"Challenging Perceived Wisdom: are our workplace preconceptions" is the largest and most far-reaching workplace report of its kind - studying 25,000 people across 19 countries to understand what's actually happening to work practices ... find out more...

Our "...Challenging Perceived Wisdom..." study followed a literature review by our Durham University team, which revealed that almost all workplace research over the last decade had a strongly sample bias - just senior execs or just graduates, etc - that distorted the findings.

By contrast, our report drew on comparators from all age/ education/ gender/ geographic location/ seniority/ direct & virtual team size, etc, to create an accurate picture of today's workplace. The findings challenge perceived wisdom about workplace design, technology demands, diversity, Gen Y attitudes, and CSR sensitivities.

The findings suggest that almost everything that business leaders have been told or have assumed in recent years may well need rethinking.

For a personal copy of this fascinating report, please drop Sam Thornton (samantha_thornton@jbassociates.uk.com) a note

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